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What to do if you get sick from a Viking cruise ship

Here are the basic steps you should take if you’ve had a cruise ship flu outbreak on board: Get rid of all of your personal items.

Remove any clothing, shoes, or jewelry that may be contaminated with viruses.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Take your temperature and ask for a urine sample.

If you haven’t done so already, put on a mask and wear gloves while using the washroom.

If possible, get a medical history and a fever score.

Ask the doctor if you need antibiotics.

Remove all of the passengers and crew members.

If any of the people are sick, let them leave.

If not, put them back into the ship and quarantine them.

If the ship has an internal leak, let it drain for at least 15 minutes and remove all the containers.

If your virus is confirmed, get tested.

Get an antibiotic treatment plan.

Make sure to read the labels of any medicine you’re taking.

Get tested for hepatitis B or C. Tell your doctor if your virus was confirmed in a previous flu outbreak.

Do not drink alcohol, take any medication that contains antibiotics, or take any supplements that contain drugs that could increase your risk of infection.

If they have a flu shot, use it to prevent getting sick.

If there are no symptoms, go home and rest.

If symptoms do appear, seek medical attention.

If all of these steps have not been followed, contact the CDC for further instructions.

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