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Carnival cruise updates for July 2

Carnival Cruise Line updates for the week of July 2: 1.

The Seas of Discovery is set to return to Seattle this week with a special celebration with guests from around the world.

The voyage will be available for purchase from July 1 through July 5.

The event will include food and beverages from a variety of vendors, a parade and a spectacular fireworks display.


The ship will begin the second half of its Caribbean Cruise Line season at SeaWorld Seattle.

It will depart on Thursday, July 2 at 8 p.m. with guests aboard.

Tickets are available starting at $99 per person and can be purchased online or at the ship’s entrance.


The boat will begin its Caribbean cruise season on Friday, July 3 at 8:30 p.o.m., with guests onboard.

Tickets can be ordered online or on the ship.


Guests on the SeaWorld cruise will be able to enjoy the full-service restaurant and bar aboard the ship, with food and beverage available on the dining room floor.


A new SeaWorld Experience will open on Saturday, July 4 at 6:30 a.m.; guests can enjoy live entertainment at the new theme park.


Guests will also be able watch the new film “Carnival,” starring James Corden, and enjoy the SeaQuest Discovery Discovery, a ride that will transport guests to an alien world, starting at 4 p.t. on Saturday.


The new SeaQuest Explorer, an 8-passenger vehicle, will arrive on July 4 with the first-ever “Titanic of the Seas” tour of the ship from the water.

Guests aboard will enjoy two hours of entertainment with SeaQuest officials, along with the world premiere of “Carmageddon” and “Discovery,” a new movie that stars Corden.


The SeaWorld Adventure will open with a fireworks display on Sunday, July 5 at 7:30pm.

Guests and crew will enjoy a fireworks show, with live music and special food and drink offerings.


The cruise line will begin planning for the opening of its first World of Outlaws attraction, a new ride and fireworks show at the Port of Seattle, starting on Monday, July 6.


The Ocean Club, a popular attraction in SeaWorld’s parks and other attractions, will open to guests on Monday with fireworks and a theme-park experience.


A limited number of special guests will be on board the SeaLab Discovery, the first of SeaWorld Parks’ new attractions, which will include a 3-D theater and a new attraction in the Sea World Water Park called “Coralife.”

Guests will get a chance to watch the show in the new theater and get a sneak peek at the future of SeaLab.


Guests visiting the park’s SeaLab Water Park will be transported to the ocean with a “Tsunami-style experience” with the arrival of a specially-designed SeaLab Explorer.

Guests onboard will enjoy an aquatic adventure.


Guests at the Water Park and SeaLab Aquarium will have the chance to visit a new aquarium called “SeaLab Discovery.”

Guests onboard may experience a swim in the aquarium, which has a new, high-tech, aquatic environment.

Guests can also see underwater animals and learn about the marine life in the marine park.


The aquarium will be accessible for guests of all ages.

Guests may enjoy an underwater adventure and learn more about marine life.


Guests enjoying the Aquarium Discovery will be taken on an underwater tour of SeaQuest’s newest attraction, the “Cavalier,” with the new ride, “Camelot,” in the water and guests aboard enjoying a spectacular underwater display.


A few of the SeaVisitors in SeaQuest Parks and SeaWorld parks will be participating in a new adventure: “SeaWorld Explorer.”

Guests aboard the Explorer will travel through the waters of a new ocean and visit some of the underwater worlds in SeaLab and SeaQuest parks, as well as visit the new SeaLab Adventure.


Guests traveling with the Sea Explorer Discovery will also experience the “Dangerous Seas” attraction, which includes the attraction that opened on Sunday and is called “Dive” and will be a new experience for guests aboard the Sea Quest Explorer Discovery.


Guests participating in the “Eve of Destruction” attraction will be given the opportunity to ride the “Vampire Hunter D” roller coaster and participate in a special “Viking Quest” attraction.

Guests are also allowed to participate in the underwater adventure at the Ocean Club.


Guests who have purchased tickets for the “Titans of the seas” tour will be allowed to take part in a fun-filled “Turtle Camp” with SeaWorld employees, where they can play in a variety.


The “Vampiric Hunter D roller coaster will be back at SeaQuest Park for a limited time on July 6, as will “Cinderella,” the “Polar Express” ride and

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