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How to manage a cruise control problem

Posted by NHL News on Sunday, February 19, 2019 04:07:55On a recent cruise, a Norwegian cruise ship that was carrying more than 100 passengers turned around, and all of the passengers and crew were stranded on the cruise ship’s deck.

The cruise ship captain and two crew members were injured.

Now, the captain and crew members are suing the cruise company, which owns the cruise liner.

The captain and the crew members said they were ordered to “sit and wait” on the bridge as they were being moved to another ship, and they were told to stay there for an hour.

They say that was too long, and that the captain didn’t follow orders.

When they tried to climb the bridge, the ship’s engine was still running, and the cruise ships’ safety systems weren’t working, the suit says.

The lawsuit said the captain failed to check the passengers’ condition and did not make sure they were okay before he ordered them to stay put.

It says he made up a story about the captain being an “old friend” and that he had been trying to fix the ship, but didn’t want to cause any more problems.

The suit says the captain was then told to wait on the ship and that they were supposed to get on the next ship.

The ship captain was also told that he would be “taken out” and the lawsuit says he was given a drink and ordered to eat the meal.

The plaintiffs are seeking damages, including medical expenses and damages for emotional distress, and punitive damages, the complaint says.

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