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How to spot the cruising ships in the harbour

A gay cruising ship is cruising on the harbour in the Maldives, according to some people.

The ship, the Burmese Princess, is registered in the UK, according the US registry website.

But the ship has a British owner, which is not public knowledge, but the owner has claimed that he has no knowledge of the vessel being gay. 

The ship is also said to be a British military ship.

Gay cruising ships are common in the world.

There are at least four such ships, according to the United States Coast Guard.

There have been reports of gay cruising ships going into port in the US and the UK.

In July 2017, a British Navy frigate, HMS Ark Royal, sailed into the harbour of Port Augusta, near Southampton, to escort the USS Ponce, a destroyer, from a military parade.

It was not immediately clear if the ship was carrying a cruise ship.

The Royal Navy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gay cruisers have been cruising in and around the Maldive capital since the beginning of this year.

The Gay Caribbean Carnival ship sails from Port Augusta to the city of Kandy, a port with a strong gay community.

A gay cruise ship passes by in Port Augusta in July 2017.

The cruise ship also takes part in a Gay Caribbean cruise.

The boat is a Burmish Princess, registered in London and registered in Barbados.

The company that owns the Burms, a cruise vessel, said it does not have any information on the gay ship.

But a spokesman said it was a commercial vessel.

He declined to comment on whether the ship’s owner was the same person as the ship that took part in the parade.

The Gay Caribbean Cruise ships have also been spotted in Singapore and Thailand.

In the Maldivian port of Keremia, a gay cruising vessel takes to the seas, the captain of which is a man, according reports.

The captain told reporters on Tuesday that he had never seen the ship before and would not comment on it.

But in a statement, the Gay Caribbean captain said the ship did not sail under his flag, adding that it did not carry passengers or passengers on board.

There are no gay cruising vessels operating in the Gulf of Aden or the Bay of Bengal. 

Gay cruising ships have been seen in the Indian Ocean, but in recent years they have also come to Singapore and the Philippines, the BBC reports.

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