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The most expensive cruise ship ever: The Princess Cruise

A yacht with a capacity of up to 100 passengers, and a crew of up,500 people, the Princess Cruise is the latest luxury cruise ship to be sold off.

The Queen Elizabeth II is still on the market, but is not being sold, while the Princess Cruises will be replaced by a new luxury cruise line, The Princess Cruising, which is due to start operating from 2020.

The Princess Cruisers luxury cruise was the most expensive ever built at the time of its construction in the 1920s, with the estimated cost of the ship at £13m.

It is one of only two ships to have been built to the Princess’ design, the other being the luxury liner Princess Princess Elizabeth.

But the Princess is now being sold for $3.1m (€3.7m), which is significantly less than its current listing price of $6.9m.

The Princess has also seen its reputation as a luxury cruise go from strength to strength, with it being one of the most popular cruises to visit for British tourists in Europe.

It currently holds the record for the largest capacity yacht, with passengers able to board the ship on board up to 30 people, and up to 300 people can be taken onboard in the dining car.

Its current owners, the owners of the Princess and Princess Cruise, are the owners Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ltd.

The company which owns Princess Cruis and the Princess of Wales has said that it expects the Princess to remain in service for at least 30 years, and will continue to operate as a destination.

The Royal Caribbean Group is owned by British conglomerate Virgin Group.

“Princess Cruises is a unique and iconic brand which has been hugely successful in the UK, attracting millions of people and millions of dollars each year,” said Virgin Group chairman Sir Richard Branson.

There is currently no price tag for the Princess.

Source: New Scientist

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