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Carlson Wagonlit Travel Travel Styles When you need to go fast: Electra beach skateboard cruiser wheel, skateboard wheels

When you need to go fast: Electra beach skateboard cruiser wheel, skateboard wheels

The Electra skateboard cruisers are no longer in the production lineup but if you’re still looking for something that’s the perfect blend of speed and style, then you may want to check out these great new skateboard wheel designs.

First up, the Electra Cruiser Wheel, which comes in two versions.

The “Ultra” version is the “real deal” with a unique alloy construction that is designed to be light and comfortable on both skaters and riders.

It also comes with an adjustable front wheelbase to give you the freedom to choose your preferred grip and ride height.

The second version is available in two different wheels.

The first comes in a 6-wheel hub with a 180mm travel and a 2.75″ diameter for a total of 180mm of travel.

The other is a 6×2 hub with 120mm travel.

Both wheels are available in black or chrome finishes and are available for $499.99 on Amazon.

As for the wheels themselves, the 6×1 wheel is the one you’ll be seeing most often and comes with a full 360° adjustment of the wheelbase and the optional rear wheel.

The wheels come with the standard 5mm rubber pads on the back and the wheels also come with rubber feet to help protect your feet.

On top of that, they come with a 1.5mm thick, 12mm long and 1.75mm thick rubber compound for an additional $99.99.

The Electras wheels are also available in “Ultra”, “Ultra +” and “Ultra+”.

For $249.99, you get the 6×1 version of the wheels and the 4×1 version for $199.99 and the 6 wheel hub for $249 for the full 6 wheel wheel set.

These wheels are currently on sale for $549.99 at Electra’s website.

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