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Carlson Wagonlit Travel Videos How to get a free cruise from Jamaica to South America

How to get a free cruise from Jamaica to South America

How to make a cruise to Jamaica: 1.

Find the cruise company 2.

Book a cruise online 3.

Get a room at a hotel in the city 4.

Go on a safari cruise 5.

Cruise in the Caribbean 6.

Go to a cruise destination 7.

Find out how to find the perfect cruise ship 8.

Buy a cruise ticket 9.

Learn about cruise lines 10.

Make a booking for a cruise 11.

See the sights on the cruise ship 12.

Go for a dip in the river 13.

Get your picture taken with the locals 14.

Watch the sunrise on the island 15.

Take a dip on the beach 16.

Watch a sunset 17.

Go swimming on the water surface 18.

Get some air 15 minutes before sunset 19.

Take your family on a holiday adventure in a Caribbean resort 20.

Have your picture on display in the touristy area of the city 21.

Find a park for children in the park and go there 22.

Get an autograph from the mayor 23.

Take some pictures in the plaza outside the tourist center 24.

Go shopping in a mall 25.

See a circus 26.

Watch some action in the water 27.

Take the train to a resort or island city 28.

Learn how to buy a ticket for a boat 29.

Go out for a swim in the ocean 30.

Take part in a carnival entertainment in the amusement park 31.

Visit the zoo 32.

Go diving in a tropical island 33.

Go sailing on the sea 34.

See fireworks in the sea 35.

Have a fun time at a concert or festival 36.

Visit a museum or gallery in a major city 37.

Get ready to eat lunch in a restaurant or restaurant 38.

Visit an amusement park 39.

See how to make fun of your neighbor or coworker 40.

Get to know your neighbors or coworkers in another town 41.

See what is happening in the surrounding area 42.

Go sightseeing with a group of friends 43.

Learn a new word or wordplay 44.

Learn the local language 45.

Visit one of the many beaches or water parks in Jamaica 46.

Visit some of the island’s many parks 47.

Get more out of your vacation by taking a boat tour 48.

Visit museums or galleries 49.

Go hiking with a guide 50.

Learn to swim 51.

Get lost in nature by exploring a cave 52.

Learn more about Jamaican culture 53.

Go bird watching 54.

Learn something new with a tour of a local park 55.

Take in the sunset 56.

Take advantage of the weather by visiting a zoo or nature reserve 57.

Take an indoor swimming lesson 58.

Visit Jamaica Zoo 59.

Learn all about the history of the country 60.

See where the tourists are going on their excursions 61.

Visit local attractions 62.

Go sledding 63.

Go kayaking 64.

Go canoeing 65.

Go riding in a horseback or buggy 66.

Go exploring the island countryside 67.

Get involved in a game of hide-and-seek 68.

Learn new skills for the field or in the pool 69.

Take on a new challenge 70.

Visit your favorite local zoo or amusement park 71.

Take photos at a local museum 72.

Learn English or a language in another language 73.

Go camping in a local country club 74.

Visit various local attractions 75.

See some local sights 76.

Go skiing in a national park 77.

Visit and see the beautiful beaches 78.

Visit our local parks 79.

Take our children to an amusement arcade 80.

See Jamaica’s wildlife 81.

Visit another country club 82.

See our local art museums 83.

Go walking or biking 84.

See local museums 85.

Go biking in the countryside 86.

Take time to explore the countryside 87.

Go running or biking in a country club 88.

Learn our national anthem 89.

Learn other local languages 90.

Learn an English language in a foreign language 91.

Go fishing 92.

Take pictures of some local fish 93.

Go kitesurfing 94.

Visit or take part in fishing tournaments 95.

See or take a tour at one of our country clubs 96.

Learn another language 97.

Go hunting in the country 98.

Go mountain biking 99.

Go horseback riding 100.

Take swimming lessons 101.

Go a walking tour in a nature reserve 102.

Go ski touring 103.

Go tobogganing 104.

Learn kiteboarding 105.

Go snowboarding 106.

Go fly fishing 107.

Go archery 108.

Learn toboganda 109.

Learn fly fishing 109.

Visit any country club in the world 110.

Visit at least one national park in Jamaica 111.

Go hike on the ocean 112.

Learn some new words or words to use in a new language 113.

Visit with a local teacher 114.

Learn what it’s like to live on a island 115.

Go golfing with friends 116.

Go tennis with friends 117.

Learn golf terms 118.

Learn sailing 119.

Go ice skating 120.

Go beach volleyball 121.

Learn archery 122

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