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Lego Cruise Ship Gets Its Own LEGO® Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are great for people who love going anywhere but want to take it to the moon.

But there are some things that just aren’t practical for people living on the high seas, like the enormous Lego cruise ship that is the Aurora Australis. 

And we’ve got a little piece of the Aurora here.

Check out the Aurora’s hull, and the ship itself.

The ship is a replica of the original Aurora Australas, which is also the world’s longest-running manned cruise ship. 

We’re going to use this Aurora as a reference. 

The Aurora is a ship of great design.

It’s sleek, it’s graceful, and it has the luxury of having a crew of a total of 8. 

There’s even a miniature version of the ship in the background, so you can see the crew in action. 

This ship is based on the original, which means that its hull is also made of wood.

The wooden frame is actually made of resin, which makes the ship’s interior feel a little more like a real ship.

The Aurora’s cabin is also decorated with the same wood as the Aurora, but there are two more interior spaces, which are both on the ship.

There’s a huge fireplace on the Aurora that you can sit on, as well as a massive window in the ship, which has a view of the ocean.

The cabin’s interior also has a deck and a railing on either side, which gives the Aurora a little bit of space for lounging and catching a bit of sun. 

In the Aurora crew quarters, the Aurora is made up of two pods.

Each pod is made of two different sections of wood: a main deck with a fireplace, and a small living area, with a table, chairs, and even a bed.

The main deck is a great place to put things like your phone, coffee, and water.

You can also put your phone and books on this side, as the deck is the best place to get a good look at your phone while it’s in the Aurora.

The living area is where the Aurora sits, and where it stays warm during the cold months.

The side with the fireplace is also a good spot to relax and have a beverage, or have a little lunch. 

On the Aurora side, there’s also a kitchen, with three stoves, two microwave ovens, and one fridge.

There are also three shelves, which you can use for storage, so that you have a place to place everything you need, like a laptop, a book, or a camera.

The kitchen also has an enormous coffee maker, a dishwasher, a freezer, and an oven. 

While the Aurora has a lot going on in it, its cabin is mostly just a large, dark room.

The space around the main deck, as you can tell from the Aurora ship’s design, is made out of wood, which helps keep the interior cool during the frigid months.

There is a small, dark window on the side, but you can’t see the ship through the window. 

When you take a look at the Aurora from above, you can also see that the Aurora features a boat that has been modified to fit the ship and its crew.

The boat is made entirely of wood and has an exterior of white, which adds a bit more elegance to the cabin. 

It also has two sets of wheels, which give the Aurora more stability during high-speed maneuvering. 

Inside the Aurora: On this side of the cabin, there is a table with a chair, a television, a coffee maker and a coffee mug, along with a small sink and two drawers. 

Another room on the front of the vessel is the kitchen, which features a table and two chairs, a stove, and two microwave dishes. 

As you can imagine, the kitchen is not quite as functional as the other areas of the cabins.

The dining area is also not nearly as functional, and doesn’t have a sink, a sink that’s big enough for a coffee pot, and another sink with a sink. 

A few of the crew members are also present in this cabin.

You get the feeling that they were in charge of this ship, and that they’re very proud of it. 

They even get a little extra credit for being in charge. 

Some of the people on board the Aurora are a little disappointed that they can’t go to the bathroom on the deck, since they’re on the ground floor of the spaceship. 

But there’s no way to get off the ship without the help of a rope. 

Toilet paper is also included with the ship for the crew to use, so they can use it while sleeping, while cooking, and during the long hours of operation. 

These two spaces also have a lot of space, which allows you to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you’re out in the open. 

After a long day in the

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